Sunday, April 17, 2005

Dinner and show....

Settling in for the night…a couple of thoughts, dear blog readers…

The evening’s entertainment consisted of reading, prayer and thought, interrupted for a spell when a few of the guys did a little musical comedy routine they coyly called “The Ladies in Red.” Much raucous laughter. Two of the so-called front runners were conspicuously absent from the group, Italians the both.

The biggest comedian in the Card. Crew laid down some serious trash talk about of our dearly beloved and departed brother Wotyla, as well as about many of us. I was spared the lance of his joshing only by my anonymity.

It is these times, as I settle into sleep that the enormity of our task weighs on me like some iron torture device from the Inquisition. I thank my lucky stars for the good brother Cameltonius, who ensured that I was well stocked with anti-depressants before my journey to Rome.

In the name of all that is Sacred, blest and holy.
Your humble correspondent…yaddda-yadda-yadda.


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