Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Vatican Dress Code?

As I have begun my preparations for the conclave, I have been reading up on the latest from Rome, to figure out what to expect there. I've been very discomforted to find a November, 2012article in LA STAMPA about the new "dress code" being forced upon the clergy while attending clerical function.

Sad to say, it looks like it is sayanora to past events like "Hawaiian Shirt Night" or Pajama Day at the conclave. These have been sources of fun and team-building for the clergy.

The call is for a cassock with appropriate colored sash or buttons or a Priest's suit. Maybe we can do a Truman Capote style black and white ball.

Frank and Mia putting on the Ritz in 1968

Monday, February 11, 2013

OMG! OMG! Pope Benny to step down!!!

If ever there was a place and time on the internet for the term "OMG!", it certainly must be now. This morning, the Vatican announced that Pope Benedict would be stepping down at the end of February. The world was rocked this morning as the Papal Press Liaison issued the news.
Plain to see, it is time to refresh, revive and resurrect this blog I began during the conclave that elected Benedict back in 2005.
And, I know you are all wondering...


My brothers and sisters in the Lord, you must indulge me with some time to develop my plans around this issue. Do I have enough good strong years left to accept the mantle of Pontiff? Is God calling me to this role? In the battle of good vs. evil, who won?
I've scheduled meetings this week with my Campaign Management Team, er, I mean my Spiritual Advisors. I am today establishing an Exploratory Committee to begin to search my soul to see if I am ready, willing and able to wear the Shoes of St. Peter. LOL! Of course I am...

Your humble and obedient servant.